Generate excitment with new and veteran gamers for Super Mario Maker through print

This was spec work created in a Copywriting and Visualization course.

Everyone speaks Mario.
The Mario brand is universally recognized and can bring people together regardless of age or culture. Super Mario Maker is a game that lets you create, inject personality and, most importantly, have fun. In a time where video games can isolate people, Super Mario Maker brings people together through not only understanding Mario, but each other.
Super Mario Maker brings us Together Through Play.

We thought it would be cool to promote Super Mario Maker alongside the IOS release of Super Mario Run. In the following pieces we implemented QR codes that would allow the reader to access courses created by users in Super Mario Maker and play them on Super Mario Run for IOS.

I have a ton of peices from my Copywriting and Visualization course I'd be glad to share. If you'd like to see more, my info is below.

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