Get millinials to buy their first tires from Tire Kingdom

This campaign won 1st place at the 2016 Zimmerman Advertising Intern Pitch compeititon. I was the copywriter on the team and pitched the creative to agency and Tire Kingdom executives. We were challanged with convincing a new generation of car owners to buy their first new set of tires from Tire Kingdom.

They say you can go to friends and family for anything.
But does that mean they really know everything about anything?
Does mom know about reddit?
Does dad know about braiding hair?
Does kara know about fly-fishing?
We don’t think so.
In fact, we believe that going to the wrong people for the wrong things
gets you the wrong answer.
That’s why you have your go-to’s in life.
The people who have that one special thing.
The thing they’re passionate about.
The thing they know inside and out.
They thing everyone goes to them for.
And lucky for us,
Go To’s make life easier.
They make the complex seem simple.
The dreary seem fascinating.
The unknown seem familiar.
So who’s your go-to when you need tires?
Mom? Dad? Kara?
They’ve bought tires before they must know everything.
That’s like saying “Hey Kara’s you’ve been on a couple planes before right?
How bout you hop in the cockpit and take us from LA to New York.”
Especially for something your life depends on.
It’s time you had a go to for tires.
Tire Kingdom. Know Your Go To.

Check out our spot concept:

Our campaign had plenty more to it than the manifesto and spot concept. I'd be glad to walk you through some of our research, strategy, or other creative extensions. Just shoot me a message below.

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