Position Smart Cars as the perfect college whip

This was spec work created in a Copywriting and Visualization course.

Bigger and flashy aren't always better.
A little goes a long way if it’s used right.
No one knows this better than college students.
Cramming a semester’s worth of studying into one night.
Squeezing the dish soap bottle until you get every last drop.
Waiting until the gas light comes on before you refill.
SmartCar is the little that goes a long way.
We don’t think you need 17 cup-holders,
Seats lined in diamonds,
or speakers loud enough to shatter glass.
Smart car is the cramming night that feels like a week.
The soap bottle that never goes dry.
The gas light you see way less.
A little smarts go a long way.


Curious how each of these extensions could play out on a college campus? Let me tell you more...just send me a message way below.

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